Why Kabuki ?

Kabuki Theatre is my favourite theatrical style. This traditional, vibrant and exciting  Japanese spectacle is melodramatic, highly stylised, colourful and full of amazing sets and costumes….. everything I wanted when I set out to create the KABUKI CLOTHING brand.

It was 2004, I was working as an events and production manager in Sydney and extremely excited about the upcoming birth of my cousins first child.  I hit the shops looking for that first present… something special ….. something unique and I found NOTHING.

I didn’t want pastels, I didn’t want Disney, I didn’t want branding or slogans I wanted something bright and colourful something based on literature or art and so it began…. I went home… pulled my sewing machine out of storage and the costume designer, dormant for so many years, burst forth.

With the 1st creation for little Ruby came the birth of Kabuki Clothing, at first it was clothes for friends children, then clothes for friends, by 2006 I was selling handmade, retro children’s and women’s clothes at markets around Sydney Australia.

10 years, 2 children of my own and a larger studio than I could of ever dreamt of Kabuki Clothing continues to create bright, fun and colourful clothes with playful, illustrative fabrics that inspire children to create their own worlds; worlds of Rockets, Trains, Aeroplanes, Cowgirls and Astro Space Pirates.

I design and hand make all of the Kabuki garments, Kabuki Clothes are unique, the Kabuki label prides itself on realising the dreams of children so, be it a dinosaur dress or purple pirate trousers that MR or MS Kabuki dream then let me create it for you.

Kabuki Clothing ships across the globe and is being worn in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Unique, Bright, Retro and Handmade